Microchips and Enrollment

Implanting a microchip in your pet is only the first step for permanent protection against loss or theft. Enrollment with a registry service is the second and critical step that is often overlooked. NONE OF OUR MICROCHIPS ARE PRE-ENROLLED.

MICROCHIPS ARE NOT GPS LOCATORS! Unlike a GPS tracking chip, a microchip implanted in a dog or cat is a passive identification. You cannot log into an app or computer website and see where your pet is. Instead, when your pet is found, a scanner is run over your pet's body. When this happens, your pet's microchip is activated and sends its unique serial number to the scanner to be displayed.

The finder then has to enter the number on the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. This website will search all major microchip registries, and tell the finder where your pet's microchip is enrolled. Then the finder must contact the registry and you will be notified that your pet has been located.

If your pet's microchip is not enrolled anywhere, the lookup tool will tell the finder what company manufactured the microchip. The finder, then, must contact the manufacturer, who has to look through their records to get our information and contact us. We, then have to go through our records to find out who purchased the microchip, and if your number and email have not changed since you purchased the microchip, we can let you know where your pet is. However, these steps can take days, especially during weekends, holidays, and natural disasters, during which time, your pet is sitting in a cage or kennel at a shelter or rescue, possibly with a stray hold that may or may not be long enough to complete all of these steps. 

Also, sadly, many finders, including rescues and shelters, won't go to the trouble of contacting the manufacturer to start the process. Many have the mindset that if you didn't care enough about your pet to enroll the microchip, you must not want your pet back very badly and may simply put your pet up for adoption or register the chip themselves and keep your pet, which legally they have the right to do, as an unenrolled microchip is not proof of ownership.

Enrolling your pet's microchip with a legitimate registry only takes a few moments, and saves a lot of hassle if your pet is found. When you enroll your pet's microchip, the lookup will alert the finder to the registry, who will then contact you directly.

There are many registries around the United States and around the world, who will enroll microchips. Most registries will register any brand of chip, from any manufacturer, but some only enroll chips they produce. Below is a list of the most popular microchip registries. Each one of these registries are tied in with the Pet Microchip Lookup Tool website, so your pet's microchip information will be available. You should contact each one directly, and find out their pricing, features, and other criteria that will help you determine where to enroll your microchips. Some registries are completely free, others have a one-time fee, others have a yearly fee. Some charge to update information if you move or change your phone number. Some offer services like ID tags, and broadcast lost pet alerts, some will offer health insurance if your pet is injured or becomes ill while lost, and others will offer transportation assistance if your lost pet is found far from home. Most registries give you an online profile also, which you can enter information such as health concerns or behavior issues.

24 Pet Watch Protection Service - www.24petwatch.com

911 Pet Chip and Free Pet Registry - www.freepetchipregistry.com

ACA Marrs - www.marrsmicrochip.com

AKC Reunite - www.akcreunite.com

BC Pet Registry - www.bcpetregistry.ca

BeKind PetFind - www.bekindpetfind.com

Buddy ID - www.buddyid.com

EIDAP - www.eidap.com

Found Animals - www.foundanimals.org

Furreka - www.furreka.com

HomeAgain - www.homeagain.com

Homeward Bound Pet - www.homewardboundpet.com

InfoPET - www.infopet.biz

Microchip ID Solutions - www.microchipidsolutions.com

Nanochip ID Inc. - www.nanochipid.co

National Animal Identification Center - www.animalidcenter.com

PetKey - www.petkey.org

PetLink - www.petlink.net

Petstablished - wwwpetstablished.com

Save This Life - www.savethislife.com

SmartTag Microchip - www.idtag.com