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MULTI-SPECIES SAFETY/EFFECTIVENESS: Though most of our products are specifically geared for dogs, many of them are safe/effective for use on other animals. Many of the products that are not labeled for multi-species use, may have formulas for other animals. These products are specifically labeled as safe/effective on other animals. Some of our products are not labeled for use on other animals, are commonly used on other animals, but not proven safe. We do not guarantee safety or effectiveness in cases where products are not used in accordance with labeling.

Orders are fulfilled as soon as payment is processed. This normally takes 2-3 business days. We used to fulfill orders the day they were placed, but too many people were getting the orders fulfilled and shipped, then cancelling before payment processed, therefore getting their merchandise free. We are hoping to find a way to prevent this from happening, so we can begin to fulfill orders on order day again.

COD ORDERS: At this time, we are not offering COD orders. Orders are not fulfilled until payment is received by us.

LARGE QUANTITY ORDERS: We do not generally allow discounts for purchasing a large quantity of items, unless it is stated on the product page. However, if you have  very large order with large quantities (breeders and boarding kennels for instance) we will break your order down into smaller shipments and ship one part per week, billing as we ship out, so you can spread the payment over several weeks. Please contact us for more information.

SHIPPING: Our default shipping is ground shipping through FedEx/USPS. However, for additional fees, you can choose faster shipping.

We try to package all of your items into as few packages as possible. However, for large orders, sometimes it's more economical to ship several small packages versus 1 larger package. If we ship multiple packages, we include a master invoice in each package, along with the invoice for that individual package. We email you the tracking number for each package as soon as we receive it. If your items ship in multiple packages, it is important to know that not all packages will necessarily arrive at the same time. 

OVERSIZE ITEMS: We do carry items that may be deemed oversized. These are normally crates, whelping boxes, grooming tables, bathing tubs, and other items that may be quite heavy or large. However, some of our items may have shipping weights that are much heavier than their actual weights. The reason for this is that shippers set their shipping rates by package dimension as well as weight. Some of our very large and heavy items, including grooming tables and tubs, agility equipment, etc. must be ground shipped by truck.

MICROCHIPS: We do carry several different brands of microchips. As these chips are preloaded into hypodermic syringes, and not bulk packed with syringes sold separately, there may be laws regarding the shipment of microchips to your address.

VACCINES: All vaccines are shipped overnight, in insulated styrofoam packaging with ice packs. We only ship vaccines on Wednesdays, to avoid weekend rushes. Signature is required for vaccine delivery. When vaccines arrive, you must refrigerate (NOT freeze) immediately. There is a chance that the ice packs have thawed, but they have done their job keeping the vaccines cold. You must ensure before ordering that there are no restrictions about shipping vaccines to your address. We do not carry Rabies vaccines. OUR VACCINES DO NOT CONTAIN NEEDLES AND SYRINGES. THESE MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. Signature is required for vaccine delivery. You must ensure you are home to receive vaccines or have them shipped to your job or a neighbor's home. Vaccines cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

You must have a veterinary letter to have microchips, vaccines, syringes, and needles shipped to addresses in CA, CT, DE, IL, MA, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OR, or Miami-Dade County in FL, or Broward County in FL.

NON-STOCK ITEMS: Some of our items are large and bulky, or not in high demand, so to keep our costs down by keeping storage and warehouse spacing down, we do not keep all items in stock. These items include crates, whelping boxes, grooming cages, kennel runs, grooming tables and tubs, and agility equipment. These items are drop shipped upon order.

Other items, such as personalized gifts, dog tags, and sledding harnesses and ganglines, are custom made for you. You must allow time for manufacture/personalization. These items will be shipped to you as soon as they are ready. This may take just a few days, or in the case of a large order, such as a dozen sledding harnesses, or during a busy time of year, it can take up to a few weeks. We will send you an e-mail with your estimated wait time.

OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: On occasion, even items we try to keep in stock may suddenly be out of stock for one reason or another. Weather or natural disasters may prevent suppliers from shipping to us. We may have suddenly had more demand than usual on an item. Or there are times when deliveries are delayed because the trucker hauling our merchandise runs out of hours and has to shut down. In the event that your item is not in stock, we will e-mail you the estimated date that we will have stock back in, and forward your items as soon as we get them in.

DAMAGES: We double check the condition of each package as we ship it out. Any package that arrives damaged, is the responsibility of the carrier. If your packages appear to be damaged, it is critical that you do not accept the shipment and contact the carrier for a claim form.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: If your items are defective or damaged, you must contact us before returning items. Some items must be returned to the manufacturer for replacement. Others may be returned to us.

If your ordered the wrong size or color, or you ordered the wrong product, you may return most items for an exchange or gift certificate. We do not offer refunds but will give you a gift card good in our store. All items must be returned in new condition. Each returned item must be accompanied by all original packaging and labels.

PLEASE NOTE: Customized or personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged. You must make sure that personalization, sizing, and color are correct for personalized or customized items. We are not responsible for errors in personalization, including engraving, embroidery, or sizing.

Microchips, vaccines, parasite/pest control products, medications, and dietary supplements may not be returned. We can only exchange books, CD's, DVD's, or computer software if defective, and only exchange with the same title.

Any signs of wear, including tooth marks, soiling, hair, etc. will void the return and your item will be sent back to you. The exception to this is Lupine brand products, (which are replaced free of charge if damaged) and Polar Ice products (which can be patched up and repaired at cost).

Any store credit issued will only be for the original purchase price. If you purchased the item at a lower price during a sale/promotion, or using a discount, the store credit will be equal to the lower price. If the normal price of an item changes after your purchase, and you return the item, you will receive the purchase price as store credit.

If you return an item that was sold as a bundle, you must return the other item(s) also. If you do not return the rest of the bundle, you will only get partial store credit.