EZ Whelp EZ Classic Whelping Box

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A less expensive, but high quality, alternative to our EZ Whelp Fab System Whelping Boxes and accessories. These modular systems are designed to allow the breeder to completely customize the whelping area. Lightweight poured plastic panels are easy to clean and disinfect. Lightweight design allows the box to be moved easily. Easy to set up and takedown. 

Comes complete with 1 absorbant pad, 1 canvas floor liner, and 1 set of rails.

Design allows for you to place rolled or bunched towels or blankets under the mat, to help puppies move around easier and prevent "Swimmer Syndrome" and assist with motor skill development. Additional pads, add on rooms, heating systems, all sold separately.

3-in-1 box includes 1 pad, 1 floor cover, and 1 set of rails in each size, plus enough panels to make a whelping box in any of the three sizes (only one bix can be used at a time though). an option ideal for anyone with multiple breeds and sizes, such as handlers, professional whelpers, rescues, fosters, etc.

Because of the lightweight design, this box is not ideal for bitches over about 75 pounds.


Please see our sizing page for sizing help. Requires Whelping Box Measurements.