EZ Whelp EZ Classic Heating System

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This heater is designed for our EZ Whelp EZ Classic Whelping Box only. This product will not work with other whelping boxes. This product is designed to warm only one corner of the whelping box, to allow the puppies to get away from the heat. Puppies should be carefully monitored while using this warming system. Do not use papers, or puppy pads in a whelping box while using a heat source. Only use specially designed whelping pads, such as our EZ Whelp Whelping Pads or other pads designed for use in whelping boxes. Air and floor temperature must be monitored on a regular basis. Maximum distance from bulb to ground is 22". The area under the lamp will be 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of the box. Includes suspension rod, 2 175w infrared bulbs, primo lamp, light duty carabiner and plastic clip.