Equine Microchip

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Save money and chip your own horses. Ideal for farms, stables, trainers, and owners. USEF and FEI compliant for passports and event registration. Mini sizes are easier for foals and miniature horses. These 15-digit, 134.2 kHz chips are ISO compliant, which is the world standard and is becoming the standard in the United States. Can be read by any universal or ISO only scanner. All of our scanners will read these chips. Schott bioglass capsule with Parylene coating for superior lifetime performance and minimal migration. Lifetime warranty for performance. Extra sharp stainless steel needles for ease of insertion. Unopened pouch guaranteed sterile for 5 years. Can be used for any animals, though are not USDA compliant for livestock or zoo animals, or ICVI needs.

All microchip prices include lifetime AKC Reunite basic enrollment.

Bulk purchase will qualify you for a free scanner. Free scanner offer cannot be combined with any other offer and only one offer allowed per customer.

Purchase 2 100-count packs and receive a free Pocket Hero Microchip Scanner 

Purchase 3 100-count packs and receive a free Halo Microchip Scanner 

Purchase 4 100-count packs and receive a free Hero Advanced Microchip Scanner

Purchase 5 100-count packs and receive a free WorldScan Plus Microchip Scanner