Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

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This comfortable and safe yet secure and durable muzzle is ideal for all pets. Even pets that are not aggressive by nature benefit from having a muzzle at times. Prevents dogs from biting people and other animals, and also prevents chewing, licking, and irritating injuries, surgical sites, and skin issues. Much more comfortable for many dogs than the cone collars. Allows the dog to eat, drink, and pant comfortably while wearing. The lightweight rubber material is durable and long-lasting, yet flexible. With a collar loop on the bottom and a removable head strap, even canine Houdini's cannot get this muzzle off. The moldable material makes this muzzle unique in the dog supply world. Simply put the muzzle in hot water, shape as you see fit, and place in cold water, holding the shape. This feature lets you customize the shape of your muzzle to your dog's unique head. Perfect for when your dog is between muzzle sizes.

Please see our sizing page for sizing help. Requires Muzzle Measurements A and B.