Hero Advanced Microchip Scanner

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Easily scan any animal with this one button reader. Once the chip number is read, it is displayed on one line on this bright backlight viewing window. Window also includes battery level icon to show you how much power is left on the 9v battery (included). After reading a chip number, this scanner will keep the number in the viewing window for 15 minutes and will send to any bluetooth device up to 25' away. Will read all ISO chips. Will also read 9 and 10 digit chips. Will not read or detect discontinued AKC Trovan chips, but will read the new AKC ISO chips. Includes carry case and test chip fob.

Free when you purchase 4 100-count packs of your choice of microchips. PLEASE NOTE: THIS OFFER CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER, AND ONLY ONE FREE SCANNER PER CUSTOMER.