Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Pinch Collar

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Herm Sprenger is the leader in the dog training world. Only the finest materials and highest standards go into these collars.

Pinch collars use a different type of correction than choke collars. Instead of gagging a dog and putting them in fight or flight response, they pinch the skin around the neck, using the prongs. These collars are very effective and safe, provided you do not sharpen the prongs. 

This collar features a modified design. The link ends are shaped more like teeth, and the theory is that it creates a more familiar "bite" to a dog's neck during a correction. The theory is that the dog feels this "bite" and instinctively understands that this is a correction from a pack leader. These collars, thanks to the solid plates, do not have the pinch collar look for discreet use. 

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