Hurtta Expedition Parka

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The Made specifically for short-coated dogs and dogs without undercoats, but suitable for other coat types as well. Ideal for agility or show dogs between appearances, seniors, young puppies, and ill or recuperating dogs. Ideal for even the toughest use. The special active dog design allows a wide range of motion for running, playing,  or working. Waterproof and windproof design keeps your dog snug and dry, while the neck, back length, and collar can be adjusted.

Please see our sizing page for sizing help. Requires Apparel Measurement B. Sizes 16XS and 18XS are ideal for Dachshunds and Bassett Hounds, while 12XL and 14XL are ideal for smaller bully type breeds, such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, etc.