Polar Ice Slider Collar - 3/4"

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The same webbing that is used in our Polar Ice sledding harnesses is featured in these sturdy workhorse collars. Perfect for working, kennelling, and tethering. These collars feature no weak buckles or snaps to wear out and break, no holes weakening the webbing and ripping out, and no loose ends for puppies to chew up. These collars use the full strength of the webbing, and once the adjustment is set, it stays in place until you reset it. The O rings and slides are one piece and welded. Ideal for the toughest conditions, even cold and wet. 3/4" wide webbing.

Custom options available also. Custom options make this a NON-STOCK ITEM. This is a custom made product. Please allow time for manufacture. 

Please see our sizing page for sizing help. Requires Daily Collar Measurement.