Polar Ice Gangline Parts

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Our ganglines are made from hollow braid polyethylene rope. This rope may be more expensive than polypropylene rope, but is much more flexible, with better cold, stretch, and abrasion resistance. Centerlines and shocklines are made with 3/8" diameter rope, while tug and necklines are made with 1/4" diameter rope. Tugs have 3/4" bronze snaps, necklines have lighter 1/2" bronze snaps.

These ganglines are made with total ease of use in mind. Completely interchangable and replaceable parts do not need special tools. Easily switch dogs around on the trail, or repair broken parts in seconds. 

These ganglines are designed with necklines leading back at a 45-degree angle, keeping the dogs at an ideal distance from the centerline, to minimize tangles. Unless specified, standard tuglines are 40" and centerlines are 8' but we can substitute 55" trail tuglines and/or 9' trail centerlines at no cost, (55" tuglines must be used with 9' centerlines. They are also necessary when using 8' centerlines and short bodied or half harnesses like our Polar Ice Canicross Harness.)

We can color code your gangline as you need. Give every dog his or her own color, use your team or kennel colors, or have tuglines,  necklines, and centerlines different colors to help in a tangle. Simply state what colors you need at checkout.

Colors are:

Centerline/Shockline: Black/Blue, Black/Lime, Black/Orange, Black/Red, Black/White, Fuchsia/Pink, Purple/White, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow

Tugline/Neckline: Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/White Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Lime, Orange, Purple, Red.

NOT A STOCK ITEM. This is a custom made product. Please allow time for manufacture. Not Returnable. Please Make sure to specify all gangline choices (color and if you want longer tuglines/centerlines).