TropiClean PerfectFur Short Double Coat Shampoo

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TropiClean's newest line of dog shampoos is custom formulated to work with specific coat types. Each product contains specific ingredients to enhance the coat. Just like all of Tropiclean products, these shampoos are free of soaps and parabens, so they can be used with spot-on flea control products. All ingredients are either naturally occurring raw materials or are naturally adapted from naturally occurring raw materials.

Short double coat shampoo is ideal for breeds that have slick and short coats with an undercoat. Ideal for Rottweilers, Hounds, Labs, and similar breeds. Freshens and deep cleans the coat and reduces non-seasonal shedding in these coats. Sweet citrus fragrance. 16 ounce.

Ingredients: Purified Water; Mild Coconut/Palm Cleanser; Cationic Guar Gum; Botanical Blend of Plum Extract, Ginger Extract, Lavender Extract, Cucumber Extract, Honeydew Melon Extract, Vanilla Extract, Hydrolyzed Potato Protein, Sweet Potato Extract, Pineapple Extract; Odor Neutralizer; Vitamin E; Viscosity Builder; Fragrance; pH Adjusters; Preservative