Isle of Dogs No. 52 Nutrient Masque

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100% natural formula is a maximum penetration conditioner. Restores body, volume, resilience, and elasticity to all coat types. Reduced breakage and damage. Wheat protein and botanicals work together to heal and maintain exceptional skin and coat for all breeds. This conditioner lubricates hairs to help prevent tangles and mats, and to make shedding much easier. Loose, dead hair will just slide right out. Improves elasticity and resilience, to minimize breakage and damage. Leaves an incredible shine. Ready to use or may be diluted up to 5:1.

Ingredients: Water; Rapeseed Oil; Cetearyl Alcohol; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein; Wheat Oligosaccharides; Panthenol; Linoleic Acid; Linolenic Acid; Hyaluronic Acid; Sorbitol; Wheat Germ Oil; Jojoba Oil; Vitamin E; Dehydroacetic Acid; Benzyl Alcohol; Proprietary Blend of Pure Essential Oils.