Oster Cryogenix Elite Clipper Blade

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Ideal for all grooming needs, these high carbon steel blades are cryogenically treated and feature a Rockwell hardness of 82+. This allows the blade to hold a sharper edge longer during grooming, meaning less frequent sharpening, in addition to allowing more sharpening sessions over the life of the blade. Steel construction with an antimicrobial coating. This coating also allows hair to pass through the blades easier, preventing yanking, tangling, and otherwise causing discomfort to pets. These blades are designed to remain up to 30% cooler than competitors blades. These blades fit all Andis, Conaire, Oster, and Wahl detachable clippers. Large numbers make identification much easier. 

Blade Sizes:

# 50: 1/125" cut

# 40: 1/100" cut

# 30: 1/50" cut

# 15: 3/64" cut

# 10:1/16" cut

# 7: Skip Tooth Blade 1/8" cut

# 7F: Finish Blade 1/8" cut

# 5F: Finish Blade 1/4" cut

# 4F Finish Blade 3/8" cut

#3F Finish Blade 1/2" cut