TropiClean SPA White Coat Shampoo

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Gently, yet effectively removes residue, grime, and build-up from skin and coat. Removes grooming products, including styling sprays, leave-in conditioners, smoke, smog, air pollution, dirt, debris, and more. This leaves coats brilliant and clean. Leaves a mirror shine. Intensifies highlights without bleaching colored coats. No bleach, peroxide, ammonia, or alcohol. All-natural and 70% organic ingredients. Chemical-free formula is safe for spot-on flea control. Safe for pets of all ages. Can be used on humans too. 20 ounce ready to use; 1 gallon dilutes 10:1.

Ingredients: Water; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein; White Tea; Mild Coconut Cleansers; Panthenol; Lavender; Oatmeal; Lily; Vitamin E; Blueberry.