VetriScience CoEnzyme Q10

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CoEnzyme Q10 is found in mitochondria in cells. It is critical to the formation of ATP, which is the basic cellular energy source. Supports cardiovascular and periodontal health as well as provides immune support, physical energy, stamina, oxygen utilization, metabolism, and other processes. Necessary for senior pets or those in poor health, as they cannot manufacture enough CoQ10 on their own. Necessary for working, performance, and other active dogs.

Daily Dosage: 1 capsule per 10 pounds. Break open and mix with food. If giving more than one capsule; split between AM and PM.

Active Ingredients: CoEznymeQ10.

Inactive Ingredients: Cellulose; Maltodextrin; Silicon Dioxide; Vegetable Cellulose; Vegetarian Leucine.