Kuranda Anodized Aluminum Bed - Cordura Fabric

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Kuranda beds are the gold standard in kennel and outdoor beds. From the patented frame design that fully encases the material to prevent chewing to the easy clean/disinfect design, there is a reason these beds are favored in kennels. Keep dogs off cold, wet, and hard surfaces without danger of them chewing expensive beds. In fact, Kuranda beds have a 1-year guarantee against damage to the frame and the fabric, except vinyl weave fabrics. Kuranda beds provide firm, even support. Many other types of dog beds, even orthopedic mattresses, will create pressure points, that cause calluses to develop on elbows and hocks and create soreness and stiffness. Kuranda beds, unlike most other beds, do not harbor dust, pollen, dander, or other irritants and allergens, and can be simply hosed off and disinfected when needed. These beds also do not harbor odors, keeping your home and kennel smelling fresher.

Cordura fabric is an abrasion resistant high-denier nylon. Ideal for older dogs, young puppies, and arthritic dogs, as it allows traction when getting on or off the bed. Also ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. However, it does grab hair and can be harder to clean.

Anodized aluminum frame, corners, and legs make this the most durable frame option for kennel use. Lightweight design is easy to move and store, yet durable enough to hold 250 pounds.


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