Clicker Fun Series - Deborah Jones

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Clicker training is quickly becoming the go-to of training methods. It has been shown that properly used clickers will achieve faster results than other methods. The reason for this is that it is easy to teach your dog what a clicker means. When you properly use a clicker, your dog quickly learns that the clicker is his reward for behaving, just as much as a treat, a toy, or patting, but is much easier to give during an agility run, for instance.

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Complete Series contains all of the videos and three clickers. DVD format.

Volume 1: Click and Go is an introduction to clicker training. This video will teach you the basic principles of conditioning your dog to the clicker, then using the clicker to shape his behaviors. This video also teaches you how to target train your dog. Includes 1 clicker. DVD format.

Volume 2: Click and Fix shows you how to fix behavior problems using the same positive approach. This method may not work for serious behavior problems, such as aggression, but it will help you redirect your dog from minor offenses like counter surfing, housetraining, jumping and mouthing, barking, and more. Includes 1 clicker. DVD format.

Volume 3: Click and Fetch teaches you to train the retrieve for a game of fetch or for competition work, easily and positively. It also shows how to solve some of the most common problems in the retrieve. Includes 1 clicker. DVD format.