Emergency First Aid Series

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Every dog person, from the basic pet owner to working dog handlers need to be prepared for emergencies. It only takes a split second for a dog to gulp down a poisoned bit of food thrown over the fence, or to be attacked by another dog, bitten by a snake, or hit by a car. Your knowledge of what to do to keep your dog alive until you get to the vet may make the difference is whether or not your dog lives.

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Complete Series contains both volumes. DVD format.

Emergency First Aid Volume 1: for Pets covers the basics of health care for your dog. This video teaches you CPR, signs of shock, poisoning, and other medical emergencies, and how to handle them until you can get your dog to the vet. DVD format. Volume 1 free with dog purchase.

Emergency First Aid Volume 2: for Working Dogs covers situations that you may encounter in the field. Covers basics, such as broken legs and CPR, but also covers issues such as spinal injuries, drownings, gunshots, spider and snake bites, and more.  DVD format.