New Dog Series - Mark Keating

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Bringing a new dog into your home has its challenges, whether your new dog is an 8-week-old puppy or an 8-year-old senior. These videos will give you pointers to help your new dog adjust to your home, and build a bond with him.

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Complete Series contains all three videos. DVD format.

New Dog Volume 1: Housebreaking 101 is an introduction to teaching your dog how to co-exist in your home. This video covers how to train your dog to your family schedule, how to use a crate. x-pen, and containment to potty train your dog. Using tethers to teach house manners; food and water schedules for potty training, bond-building games, and exercises. DVD format.

New Dog Volume 2: Relationship Games 1 builds on the first video showing you how to use certain types of games and activities to not only build on your budding bond with your new dog but also to set your dog up for future training exercises. DVD format.

Clicker Fun Volume 3: Click and Fetch builds further on the first two videos with new games and advanced versions of the games taught in volume 2. DVD format.