Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats - Kymythy R. Schultz

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As our own doctors are pushing us to eat fresher and healthier foods and less processed junk, it's no wonder that many pet owners are looking for ways to feed their pets better. As research is coming out about the health problems associated with commercial foods, many owners are beginning to feed homemade and raw diets to their pets. However, for many people, the idea is a daunting one.

How do I make sure my pets get a balanced diet? how much should they eat? what foods are good and bad? These questions and others are keeping many people from taking the plunge to a better diet for their pets.

It doesn't help that many vets are no help, because all of their nutrition training in vet school is sponsored by pet food companies who tell these vet students that expensive, prescription pet food will solve all health problems. 

This book will help the novice begin to prepare healthy, nutritious, and species-appropriate meals that their pets will love. It shows you how a natural diet will improve your pet's life and health. 

Included is a Holistic Animal Yellow Pages, which gives you resources to help with all aspects of holistic and semi-holistic pet care.