Raising Your Puppy - Michael Ellis

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No matter what you have in mind for your puppy's future, the first steps toward success start in puppyhood. This video is designed to precede Michael Ellis' Motivation Training Series. The first part of the video deals with working and pet puppies.

To start with, you will learn how to select the ideal puppy for your family and life. Next, you learn how to introduce your puppy into your home, and how to manage and socialize him properly. Teaching him his place in your household and family is critical from day one. You will learn how to enforce house rules in puppyhood so you don't have issues with having an out of control adult.

You will also learn cues that your puppy is entering various developmental stages, and what to expect and do at this point. 

By learning how to properly manage and control your puppy from the first days, you learn how to develop a confident adult dog who is a joy to live with. This dog learned in early life how you expect him to behave and act, and he understands that failure to comply is not an option. He also trusts you and has faith that your sometimes insane requests have a reason behind them, and he will work harder for you. 

The socialized puppy does not grow up to be a shy, timid, or fearful dog, or an aggressive, raging lunatic, because he understands that people overall are good and he has had positive interactions with people and wants to keep those interactions. 

This video also shows you how to engage your dog, to make him want to be with you and make him want to please you and work for you. The engaged dog enjoys training and working because he is communicating with you and knows what you want him to do. This dog is more willing to comply with your demands because he understands you. 

This vidoe shows how to develop drives and begins Michael's unique training methods. You will begin to learn how to apply markers to your dog's training. It also shows you how to develop play drive to ensure that your dog will remain engaged and eager throughout the entire training session or working day. A dog willing to play with his handler is a dog who is eager to work so he gets that play reward.

After this, the video goes into specific working dog development. This video shows you that working dogs CAN live as housepets, and they can be part of the family. It also shows you how to manage the working dog in the home specifically.