Training The Companion Dog Series - Ian Dunbar

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Dr. Ian Dunbar, who founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers compiled this series regarding the training and management of household companion dogs. This series is footage taken from various seminars he has held.

Complete Series contains all 4 volumes. DVD format.

Training the Companion Dog Volume 1: Socialization and Beginning Obedience is the foundation of the series. This video covers socialization, communication, reading body language, basic handling, and positions and more. DVD format.

Training the Companion Dog Volume 2: Behavior Training and Household Etiquette picks up where the first video ends. This video shows how to control problematic behavior at home. Digging, housetraining, crating, chewing, barking, and more are covered here. DVD format.

Training the Companion Dog Volume 3: Walk on Leash at Heel and Jumping Up begins to teach you how to train your dog to walk nicely on lead without dragging, lagging, pulling, and more. Shows you how to teach your dog to walk at heel position and to stop jumping on people. DVD format.

Training the Companion Dog Volume 4: Recalls, Stays, and Distance Commands  works on distance work. This video teaches you how to add distance to the positions you learned in the first video, and how to work on holding a position (stay). It also shows you how to proof recalls and stays from greater distances. DVD format.