The German Shepherd Dog The German Way - Ricardo Carbajal

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The German lined German Shepherd Dogs are vastly different than their American cousins. Many videos and books about GSD's available stateside, focus on the American Shepherd Dog. This series, however, focuses on the imports. DVD format.

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Complete Series contains all of the videos.

Volume 1: Gait and Locomotion is an biomechanical analysis of how breed traits lead to soundness and good movement. CGI and animation help novices to understand movement and how structure leads to a proper gait. It also shows how proper confirmation will lead to efficiency and durability in the GSD's native herding work. It goes further to show how the over-angulation that Americans prefer is actually detrimental to a working and herding dog.

Volume 2: Structure goes further into conformation by showing how SV judges interpret the breed standard and how they use their interpretation to judge how closely a dog resembles the standard. It explains the language used in breed surveys. Using dozens of ideal breed specimens this video takes you through correct conformation and structure, explaining how and why each characteristic is weighed against the written standard.

Volume 3: Basic Training, Conditioning, and Handling teach you how to show your German Shepherd successfully in Seiger shows. It begins by detailing the judging inside the ring, using the judge's perspective. This teaches you what to expect when you step in the ring. This video uses the idea that only by understanding what the judge sees, can you succeed in the ring. The video then goes into raising, socializing, and training your puppy. You will learn how to desensitize your dog to the gunshot test and hands-on exam, as well as ignoring other dogs and their handlers, and how to gait and stack properly. Please Note: This is NOT an AKC/CKC show training video. You can use these techniques to assist you in the American show rings, but German show rings are vastly different.

Volume 4: Advanced Training, Conditioning, and Handling teaches you how to work your dog in a correct and spirited gait and how to physically and mentally condition your dog, using practice rings, and training plans. It teaches you the difference between fit/working condition that you want in the German rings and the unfit, pet condition that will get you penalized sometimes to the point of not getting a Koer Klasse. It shows you how to begin in early puppyhood to get a positive attitude and confidence that will make your dog shine. This video also shows you how to approach conditioning in various stages of puppyhood, young adult, and adulthood. It gives you advice on not overworking your young dog and injuring or souring him.