Electric Collar Series - Michael Ellis

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PROPERLY USED remote (electronic) collars can be a very effective training tool. However, in the wrong hands, and without proper conditioning of your dog, they are ineffective and inhumane. These videos take the novice pet owner through the steps leading up to using the collars.

Save 10% when purchasing the series.

Complete Series contains both videos. DVD format.

Volume 1: Part 1 takes the novice dog trainer through the steps of selecting the right collar, conditioning the dog to the collar, determining correction levels for each individual dog, and most importantly, what your dog should already know before use of the collar. DVD format.

Volume 2: Part 2 builds on the first video. this video cover the three major training uses: obedience, high drive activities, and behavior modification. This video assumes your dog has gone through the first volume and is properly conditioned to the collar. This video shows how to achieve maximum results using the fewest number of sessions and low-level corrections. DVD format.

Save 10% on the Complete Series price when purchasing with any e-collar. (bark collars and GPS only collars not applicable.)