Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs - Lew Olson

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Pet owners who are wanting to eradicate costly and miserable health problems, such as ear infections, skin problems, digestive issues, and more, are more and more likely to turn to raw homemade diets. However, most people are nervous about preparing their dogs' food at home. 

This book will help you get started. this book has step by step instructions for choosing what to feed your dog, as well as how to prepare it to maximize the nutrients your dog can use and minimize waste. This book was designed for the beginner, so all of the language is in a very easy to read and follow format.

Unlike most of the raw feeding books on the market, this book has separate sections for pregnant and nursing bitches, toy breeds, and working and performance dogs who all need specialized nutrition. This book also shows how to manage health problems, including cancer, heart problems, renal problems, gastric conditioners, pancreatitis survivors, and more.