Whelping Puppies and Their First 8 Weeks - Ed Frawley

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Breeding dogs can be a challenge. Novice breeders are often going at it alone without any mentorship or guidance from their breeders. This is because many breeders don't offer guidance or assistance. 

This DVD will fill in the gaps for novices. It goes through determining when your female is ready to breed, to preparing for the birth of your litter. It gives tips on setting up a whelping area, and what supplies you may need.

It then goes to show the stages of whelping, complete with actual footage from many actual births. The video shows you how to handle breech births, stillbirths, and weak puppies. It also gives tips on determining when to call the vet for assistance.

It goes further to show week by week development, along with do's and dont's. It covers weaning when and how and how to raise a healthy, happy litter to 8 weeks of age.