Polar Ice Options

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Many of our Polar Ice products can be purchased with various options, listed below. Some options are limited to certain products, while others are available on most or all. 

D-Ring Hitch - can be used on any of our Polar Ice harnesses instead of rope ties. Many mushers prefer the rings over rope, as they fear rope ties coming untied.

Larger Rings - are ideal for use with gloves. Allow you to grip better when wearing gloves. Can be used on all harnesses (with D-ring Hitch Option), and collars. Rings 1 1/2" on 3/4" collars and 2" on 1" collars.

Long Distance Padding - extends 6" further across the shoulders and up the sides for extra cushioning for heavy loads. Can be ordered on Recreation, X-Back, and Yukon Harnesses. 

Endurance Padding - extends up the flank all the way to the last seam for extreme cushioning and comfort. Ideal for thin-skinned and thin-coated dogs. Can be ordered on Recreation, X-Back, and Yukon harnesses.

Reflective Strips - can be sewn onto any harness, collar, lead, or long line. Provides additional visibility in low light conditions.