Kong Ziggies

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Treats designed to be stuffed inside Kong Toys, Goodie Bones, Extreme Kongs, and Puppy Kongs. Can also be used solo, and stuffed inside other hollow toys. 

Small for dogs up to 20 pounds. 12 count treats. Large for dogs over 20 pounds. 6 count treats.

Ingredients: Ground Wheat; Gelatinized Wheat Starch; Chicken Meal; Glycerin Dextrose; Poultry Fat; Propylene Glycol; Natural Poultry Flavor; Wheat Protein Isolate; Oat Fiber; Salt; Potassium Chloride; Lecithin; Sorbic Acid; Iron Oxide; Parsley Flakes; Rosemary Powder; Nutmeg Powder.