Clix MultiClick Clicker and Target Stick Set

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Clicker and target training go hand in hand and this set makes it easy to start. Begin with the clicker and teach your dog what the mark is. Graduate to teaching your dog to hit a target to make it easy to manipulate his behavior and actions when teaching commands.

Multiclick clicker is the only clicker that allows you to control the tone and volume, making it suitable for a wide range of animals, as well as sensitive dogs. Raised button allows you to use with gloves, and wrist straps keeps the clicker handy.

Telescopic target stick extends to 27" during use, but collapses to just under 6" for carrying in pocket or a bag. Rubber bulb at end is large enough for dog to see easily and soft to protect nose and face from accidental hits.

Set is ideal for working with horses, cats, and other species as well.